Enjoy now a better experience with the ARYS system

Enjoy now a better experience with the ARYS system

Over the last few months, our amazing team of developers has been working hard to release a series of improvements to our ARYS™ system. Now, that all their ward work is completed, and the update is available, we thought it would be a good idea to dedicate a special edition of our newsletter to talk about these improvements, ranging from a new version of our apps to a new version of the tracker firmware. Starting with the apps update, which is as of now available to download on the App Store (ARYS™ me and ARYS™ pro) and Google Play Store (ARYS™ me): 

- The Swedish language is the newest member of the family! It joins English, German, Dutch, Italian and French (all previously available on our system). 

 - We’ve made some improvements regarding Bluetooth®connection and also fixed small errors found by our team.

- Overall, we believe these improvements will bring a better experience to our customers, so do not waste time and update your ARYS™ me or ARYS™ pro app now and enjoy it. A quick reminder: you’ll only be able to download the new tracker firmware (you’ll get to know it just below) once you’ve updated your app. So, make sure to update the app first! 

As we mentioned above, we’ve also adjusted our tracker's firmware, so we’d like to list some of the most important changes: 

- We’ve heard our customers: with this new update, the tracker’s LED lights have had their brightness decreased by a certain percentage. This leads to a better user experience, as well as improving the tracker’s battery consumption.

- Our team managed to improve the tracker’s battery warning system. With the new settings, you’ll receive an earlier warning when the battery is running low, thus having more time to charge the tracker until the battery is completely discharged.

Our team managed to also decrease the time gap between the first low battery level warning (which happens when the battery level of your tracker reaches 20%) and the actual full battery discharge. This way, you’re early warned and thus have more time to charge your tracker.

- When charging, as soon as your tracker’s battery level reaches 100%, its green LED light will remain always lit. If you remove the tracker from the charger, the LED light will then turn off and behave normally.


You can also find this information in your ARYS™ me User Manual (page 41 in the chapter “Tracker update”) and in the Quick Guide (page 44).

If you are an ARYS™ pro user, you’ll find the information in your User Manual on page 24.