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ARYS™ Video-Tutorials are online

You can find a first series of videos of the ARYS™ system online. Our video tutorials have been designed to take you step by step through some of the most common tasks. Thanks for watching:

how to put the wristband on:

function of the tracker-button by pressing and holding:

assembling tracker with the wristband:



New knowledge management entry

Since years, healthcare professionals agree each other on the importance of the Motivation in the positive outcome of after-stroke rehabilitation process.

Indeed, the repetition of rehabilitation exercises day after day too often leads to the demotivation of the patients, to a reduction of their involvement in the therapy and thus, to a recovery process far from being optimal.

Although therapists constantly try to motivate their patients in diverse ways, many parameters can lead to discouragement. Thus, to maximise the odds of a better recovery, the principal factors leading to boredom should be highlighted and understood, and solutions have to be found in order to counter this effect!

Want to learn more about the problematic of Motivation in therapy, and how the ARYS™ me system can help you trigger your Motivation? So just follow the link below which will take you to more information about the issue directly on our website!