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ARYS™ me

WHAT is ARYS™ me?

It’s an innovative system, a virtual and discreet trainer which helps to keep your motivation high during arm-rehabilitation therapy.


For people who suffered from a stroke or traumatic brain injury and lost their arm / hand function due to hemiparesis.


HOW does ARYS™ me work?

The tracker records all your arm activities and the smartphone app allows you to visualize all your progresses you have already made. It provides also important information to your therapist.


HOW does ARYS™ me help me?

ARYS™ me has been designed to keep your motivation high throughout your entire recovery process.

  •   Thanks to an arm movement counter you can see by yourself that today you are on track;
  •   The individual daily target spurs you for small extra efforts every day;
  •   Vibrating reminder alerts you in case of lack of activity;
  •   The Tree of Recovery offers an easy understandable visualization of your progress at any time.

WHAT is the Tree of Recovery?

The game
Tree of Recovery™ in the app grows with your progress! Every arm activity will be recorded with the tracker and is reflected in the size of your tree.

Every day your Tree of Recovery™ needs water to remain healthy. The health of the tree is represented by the water status bar as well as visually by leaves, blossoms and animals. If the water level sinks, the tree loses blossoms and leaves. If the water level is low, you need to water the tree. Daily extra efforts are honored with an additional supply of water.

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Ary me - simplicity
It impresses with its simplicity and appealing design.
Arys me - tree of recovery
Thanks to the animated Tree of Recovery™ App the rehabilitation process is more varied, engaging, and motivating.
Arys me - daily therapy
Each arm activity starts to be a part of your daily therapy. And with the Tree of Recovery™ App you’ll have the motivation you need to go a little further.
Arys me - progress
Whatever your goal, your ARYS™ me has a plan for you. One that starts with your goals and adapts as you progress. And it allows you to share your successes with family and friends!